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Peter Westerhouse - Peter's Mother and His Siblings

Mary Westerhouse (Peter's Mother)

Mary Westerhouse lived with Mary Westerhaus Huscher's (her youngest daughter) family until her last years.  This has been verified by the 1860 Federal Census for the Freedom Township and 1870 Federal Census for the Davis Township.  The last record ever found about her was the 1880 Federal Census for Freedom Township 12 June 1880 where she was listed as living with Catherine Westerhaus Uphaus' (her oldest daughter) family. 

Mary Westerhaus died soon after this based upon her headstone death year 1880.  She was buried at Evangelical (Methodist) Cemetery in Concordia, Lafayette, Missouri, and shares the same lot and headstone with her daughter, Catherine Westerhaus Uphaus.  Currently the cemetery is named Bethel United Church of Christ Cemetery and is located at 4572 Saint Louis Street, Concordia, Lafayette, Missouri.  Two churches had purchased land to develop their respective cemeteries. The “Bethel United Church of Christ Cemetery” occupied the northern half and the “Concordia Baptist Cemetery” occupied the southern half. 

Headstone of Anna Maria Brandt Westerhouse 

Catherine Westerhaus (Peter's Sister)

Catherine and Peter Uphaus settled on a 120 acre farm in Freedom, Lafayette, Missouri, near Catherine's siblings, Henry Westerhaus and Mary Westerhaus Huscher.  Catherine was not able to have children, so they took in many children in over the years.  Most of the children were boys between the ages of 10 and 15.  According to the Federal Census from 1860 to 1880 the boys helped with the farming.  It is not known if the children were part of the Orphan Train Children or where they had come from.  Peter retired from farming in 1881.  He and his wife moved into town (Concordia) where she died 26 August 1882.

Catherine was buried at the Evangelical (Methodist) Cemetery in Concordia, Missouri and shares the same plot and headstone with her mother, Mary Westerhouse.  After Catherine's death, Peter married Sophie Schramm 5 May 1889.  Peter Uphaus died 31 July 1899 and was buried next to his first wife, Catherine Westerhaus Uphaus.

Headstone of Catherine Westerhaus Uphaus

Headstone of Peter Uphaus

Henry Westerhaus (Peter's Brother)

Henry and Anna Westerhaus settled on a farm in Freedom, Lafayette, Missouri.

Henry and Anna had nine children:
     Henry John Westerhaus (1849-1932)
     John Westerhaus (1851-1874)
     Benjamin Westerhaus (1854-1873)
     Mary Westerhaus (1857-1930)
     Catherine Westerhaus (1860-1860)
     Anna Westerhaus (1862-1947)
     Daniel Westerhaus (1865-1923)
     Matilda Westerhaus (1868-1870)
     Ida Westerhaus (1872-1900)

Henry registered with the Union Army 9 August 1862.  He became a member of Company C and Regiment 71 as a Private.  His unit was made up of Enrolled Missouri Militia (EMM) Volunteers.  Regiment 71 was established to protect Freedom, Lafayette, Missouri, while other Union Army units were at battles away from the Freedom area.  
His pension request #1019515 dated 9 April 1891 indicates he had been disabled by gunshot wounds in the left arm and left side.

He served from 9 August 1862 until 4 October 1862 and was honorably discharged 12 December 1862 at Lexington, Lafayette, Missouri due to disabilities.

Note: These injuries may have occurred at the Concordia Massacre 5 October 1862, where sixty Bushwhackers attacked Germans in the community. Henry was described in this attack as being taken prisoner with eleven others.  They took the prisoners out of town by horseback, three of whom were killed, four of whom were shot but lived and four were released. Henry was one of the four who had been shot, but survived.  This information was found in the book, Independent Immigrants, A Settlement of Hanoverian Germans in Western Missouri by Robert W. Frizzell. Henry's pension request was rejected because his injuries did not occur during a Civil War battle.

Muster Card of Henry Westerhaus

During 1868, Henry was one of six investors to survey and lay out the town of Concordia, Lafayette, Missouri. In addition to farming, he was an investor in a creamery business as well as a canning business in Concordia. 

Henry died 4 September 1896 and was buried in the Original Concordia Baptist Cemetery on State Road PP, south of Concordia.  Anna died 7 February 1902 and was buried next to her husband.  This cemetery was located next to the German Baptist Church they helped to start during 1851, but the church building no longer exists.

Headstone of Henry Westerhaus

Headstone of Henry Westerhaus (Close-Up) 

Headstone of Anna Uphaus Westerhaus

Headstone of Anna Uphaus Westerhaus (Close-Up)

Obituary of Henry Westerhaus, Weekly Intelligencer  (Lexington, Missouri), 12 September 1896, Page 3

Mary Westerhaus (Peter's Sister)

William and Mary Huscher settled on a farm in Freedom, Lafayette, Missouri. 

William and Mary had four children:      
     Emma Huscher (1858-?)      
     Edward Huscher (1858-1919)      
     Mary Huscher (1862-1933)       
     Minna Huscher (1864-1885)  

William died 11 September 1895 and was buried at the Salem United Cemetery in Higginsville, Lafayette, Missouri.  Mary died 20 November 1905.  She was buried next to her husband at the Salem Cemetery.

Shared Headstone of William and Mary

Headstone of William Huscher (close-up)

Headstone of Mary Westerhaus Huscher (close-up)

This completes my blog series on Peter Westerhouse Family History.  I have enjoyed sharing Peter's history on the Cress and Westerhouse History blog.  I am in the final stages of publishing a book, Peter Westerhouse Family History.  The book will be 140 pages of information shared on this blog, along with additional interesting information.   Please contact me about receiving a copy of the book.

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Peter Westerhouse - Peter's and Anna's Children #2

Edward Westerhouse

Edward Westerhouse married Katherine (Kate) Breithaupt 11 December 1888.  They settled on a farm in Hesper, Douglas, Kansas, near Ben and Emma Foust's farm. They had two children:

Elmer Edward Westerhouse (1889-1958)
Inez Edna Westerhouse (1892-1975)

Obituary of Edward Westerhouse
Lawrence Daily Lawrence Journal World
27 February 1945, Page 2

Kate died 27 May 1926 and was buried in the Hesper Friends Church Cemetery in Hesper, Douglas, Kansas.  Edward died, 27 February 1945, and was buried next to his wife. 

Headstone of Edward Westerhouse

Headstone of Katherine Breithaupt Westerhouse

Shared Headstone of Edward and Katherine

Aurelia Westerhouse

The 1870 Federal Census for Eudora, Douglas, Kansas, was the only record ever found about Aurelia Westerhouse.  It has been assumed by researchers that she died in Eudora, Douglas, Kansas, before the 1875 Kansas Census was recorded.

William Westerhouse

William (Billy) Westerhouse never married and went by the name of Billy. The 1900 Federal Census reported him as living with Anna and Henry Eggers and not able to read or write.  The 1910 Federal Census listed him as living with Edward and Kate Westerhouse, able to read and write, but not working.  Billy died 6 June 1928 and was buried in the Deay Cemetery in Eudora, Douglas, Kansas.  During a December 1979 interview, Amos Westerhouse, Jr., William's nephew, described digging grave for the bachelor Billy.  He placed the headstone at the foot of Billy's body instead of at his head.

William Westerhouse

Obituary of William Westerhouse
Lawrence Daily Journal World
7 June 1928, Page 2

Amos Westerhouse

Amos Westerhouse married Sophia Meyer 25 February 1891.  This has been verified by the Marriage License found at the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe, Kansas.  Sophia was from Big Spring, Lafayette, Missouri, where her uncle, Henry Edler (Mary Westerhouse's first husband), and aunt, Katie Edler (Henry Westerhaus's wife), came from.  Amos and Sophia initially settled at the home of Henry and Anna Eggers' farm.  Amos and Sophia had five children, including the two youngest being twins:

Amos Westerhouse Jr (1892-1982)
Ethel Westerhouse (1894-1980)
Oscar Edward Westerhouse (1897-1984)
Alvin Westerhouse (1906-1986)
Allen Herman Westerhouse (1906-1986)

Marriage License of Amos Westerhouse and Sophia Meyer

Wedding Photo of Amos Westerhouse and Sophia Meyer

After many years of renting a farm just south of Anna and Henry Eggers' property, Amos and Sophia purchased an 80 acre farm at the South Half of the South East Quarter (2372 North 900th Road) of Section 34 in the Captain Creek area of Eudora, for $4500, 23 December 1905.  This has been verified by the property deed found at the Douglas County Courthouse.  The first three children of Amos and Sophia were born at the rented farm and their twins, Allen and Alvin, were born at the purchased farm. 

Ethel, Sophia, Oscar, Amos Sr., Amos Jr. at the Henry and Anna Eggers' Farm

Amos would always say "use the best board first then you have the best board last" The idea is that if you use a good board when you need it, then it will still be good even after a long time but if you use an old board it likely won't last and the unused new board will deteriorate over time when not used.

February 1909, Amos was appointed as one of the five Eudora Road Overseers.  His initials can be found inscribed on many bridges which he helped construct around Eudora.  Additionally, Amos constructed water tanks (cisterns) using a form he created.  He sold 100's of these to farmers in the area.   

Based on family stories, Amos and Sophie hobnobbed with the wealthy Eudora families, including the Lothholz and Cory's.  Amos, may have been on the bank board or had some connection with the bank.  Amos, smoked a pipe, chewed tobacco, and used a spittoon.  He enjoyed to share stories about his youth with anyone that would listen.   

During 1926, Amos retired from being a Eudora Road Overseer as well as from farming.  6 September 1926 Amos and Sophia bought a home, located at 110 East 7th Street in Eudora and moved into town.  

According to family stories, Sophia was tall, friendly, enjoyed baking, sewing. It was common to see Sophia wearing an apron.  Sophie suffered from migraine headaches. She would lower a tea towel down in the well and get it cold and wrap it around her head for relief.  Sophia was outspoken and interested in preserving her German heritage, including reading the German newspaper and talking to Amos in German, especially when she did not want the children to understand.

Allen, Oscar, Ethel, Amos Jr, Alvin (Standing)
Amos Sr. and Sophia Westerhouse (Sitting)

Sophia died at home after a long illness with leukemia on 26 December 1932. She was buried at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Lawrence, Douglas, Kansas. 

Obituary of Sophia Meyer Westerhouse
Lawrence Daily Journal World
27 December 1932

Amos continued to stay at their home in Eudora until his death.  Amos died 18 December 1950 from a cerebral hemorrhage at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Lawrence, Douglas, Kansas.  He was buried next to his wife.

Obituary of Amos Westerhouse
Lawrence Daily Journal World
19 December 1950, Page 3

Headstone of Amos Westerhouse

Headstone of Sophia Meyer Westerhouse

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Peter Westerhouse - Peter's and Anna's Children #1

Henry Westerhouse, Sr.

Henry Westerhouse, Sr. married Katherine (Katie) Edler.  Katie, a younger sister of Henry Edler (Mary Westerhouse's first husband), was from Township 48 (Danville area), Montgomery County, Missouri.  Soon after Henry and Katie were married, they changed the spelling of their last name from Westerhouse to Westerhaus.  Initially they settled on a farm east of Weaver, Kansas. During 1904, Henry and Katie bought a farm at Weaver Bottom and developed a large farming business.  Later, they bought a nearby farm and built a more elaborate home.  Henry and Katie had three children:    

         Charles Westerhaus (1880-1914)
         Henry Edward Westerhaus, Jr. (1883-1971)
         Minnie Westerhaus (1889-1944)

Henry Westerhaus' and Katie Edler's Marriage License 

Katie died 28 January 1912, and was buried in the Eudora City Cemetery in Eudora, Kansas. During 1919, Henry retired from farming, bought a home at 720 Rhode Island Street in Lawrence, Kansas, and lived there for the next twenty years.  He moved in with his daughter, Minnie Westerhaus Dickens, for the last two years of his life.  Henry Westerhouse, Sr. died 1 March 1942, and was buried next to his wife in the Eudora City Cemetery.

Mary Westerhouse

Mary Westerhouse married Henry Edler 6 February 1874 at the age of 17.  Henry was from Big Spring, Missouri, a farming community in central Missouri, 300 miles east of Eudora, Kansas.  They moved to Big Spring soon after their marriage.  Henry and Mary had two children:

     Addie Charlotte Edler (1874-1952)
     Henry Albert Edler (1878-1959)

Henry Edler died 31 March 1879 in Big Spring, Missouri and was buried at the Edler Cemetery nearby. Based on family stories, during 1879, Mary's daughter, Addie, went to live with Aunt Katherine Westerhaus Uphaus and her husband Peter Uphaus near Concordia, Missouri.  The Uphaus' had no children of their own, but raised many children whose parent had died early.  Mary moved with her son, Henry to live with Eggers's in Captain Creek.  Mary supported herself as housekeeper in Lawrence, Kansas, while her son lived with Henry and Anna Eggers. During 1884, Addie would be re united with Mary and her brother.  For the next two year they would live with Edward Westerhouse family in Hesper Kansas.  During this time, she would meet and marry David Samuel Clark.

David Samuel Clark and Mary Westerhouse Edler Marriage License

1880 Federal census from Lexington, Johnson, Kansas show Mary living with her children in the household of Henry Meinke.  The census indicates Henry is her uncle and Emma Hurscher living in the household.  Emma was Peter Westerhouse younger sister (Mary Westerhouse Grubart Husher), daughter. Additionally, the 1880 Federal census from Eudora, Doglas, Kansas lists Addie and Henry Edler living with their grandparents, Henry and Anna Edler.  Mary Westerhouse Edler is not listed in this census.  More research needs to be done on Mary's family after Henry Edler died.

Mary Westerhouse Edler married David Samuel Clark 14 February 1885 in Eudora.  David was a Civil War veteran from Indiana who was living in Eudora when they met.  David and Mary had five children, the first three died early from diphtheria:

     Mary Elizabeth Clark (1887-1895),
     David Winfred Clark (1890-1895)
     Howell Clark (1897-1897)
     Oscar Edward Clark (1899-1973)
     Homer Elvin Clark (1899-1977)

David Clark died 22 February 1904 and was buried at the Deay Cemetery in Eudora, Kansas.  Mary died 26 August 1930 and was buried next to her husband.

Photo By Bill Musick
Henry Westerhaus' and Katie Edler's Headstone

Mary Westerhouse Edler Clark's Obituary
The Eudora Weekly, 28 August 1930, Page 1

Amelia Westerhouse

The 1860 Federal Census, Lexington, Missouri, was the only record ever found about Amelia Westerhouse.  It has been assumed by researchers that she died during the Civil War in Lexington, Missouri, as she is not listed with the family in the 1865 Kansas Census.  It is interesting to note, the ship on which the Johann Heinrich Uphaus family immigrated from Bremerhaven to New Orleans was named Amelia.

Emma Westerhouse

Emma Westerhouse married Benjamin (Ben) Foust 16 October 1879.  Emma and Ben initially settled at the home of Henry and Anna Eggers' farm.  
 Ben and Emma had two children:

     Allen Foust (1880-1942)
     Irena Foust (1882-1954)

Benjamin (left), Allen (standing), Irene (center), Emma (right)

Soon after marriage, Emma and Ben would move from the Eggers' farm, onto a farm of their own, in Hesper, Kansas.  Emma was a homemaker and Ben a farmer at the turn of the century, shown in the 1900 Federal Census from Eudora, Kansas. During 1906 their children married and moved out on their own.  Soon after, Emma and Ben moved into town, bought a home in Eudora. Emma continued to be a homemaker and Ben started to work as a carpenter, based on the 1910 Federal Census.  By 1920, Emma was working as a dressmaker, Ben working as a carpenter, living on B Street, indicated in the 1920 Federal Census.  Emma and Ben were retired by 1930, based on the 1930 Federal Census.  Ben died 7 January 1933 and was buried at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Lawrence, Kansas.  Emma died 15 September 1938, and was buried next to her husband.

Benjamin Foust's Headstone

Emma Westerhouse Foust's Headstone

Emma Westerhouse Foust's ObituaryLawrence Daily Journal World16 September 1938, Page 2

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Peter Westerhouse - Post Civil War Years #3

Henry Eggers died 5 March 1908, on his farm in Eudora, Kansas. He was buried at the Deay Cemetery near his farm.  Anna would continue to live on the farm with her son, William, until she was not able to maintain it.  The 1915 Kansas Census shows Anna and William living with the Amos Westerhouse, Sr. family.  She would later move to Eudora, to live with her oldest daughter, Mary Westerhouse Edler Clark.  Anna Westerhouse Eggers died of pneumonia in Mary Clark's home 29 November 1916. She was buried next to her 2nd husband, Henry Eggers, at the Deay Cemetery.

Henry Eggers' Headstone

Anna Eggers' Headstone

Ann Eggers' Obituary 
 Lawrence Journal World
 7 December 1916, Page 1

When Anna was buried, all of the Westerhouse and Eggers headstones were replaced with new ones. During May 1979, Peter's original headstone was dug up in Lawrence by a construction company.  They discovered it lying over a well cover.  At the time it was unearthed, it was not known where it had come from.   Amos Westerhouse Jr., Peter's grandson, saw an article and picture in the paper.  He wrote a letter to the Lawrence Journal World describing who Peter Westerhouse was, and where the headstone had come from.  Today, the original headstone of Peter Westerhouse is being preserved for future generations to view at the Eudora Area Historical Society in Eudora, Kansas.

Newspaper Picture and Article, Lawrence Journal World, 2 May 1979

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Peter Westerhouse - Post Civil War Years #2

Peter died 23 October 1875.  His original headstone has a death date of 9 October 1876 and his current headstone has a death year of 1876.  It is unclear why his two headstones have a different death year from the obituary.  He was buried at the Deay Cemetery, which was located near his 160 acre farm, at the south west corner of North 800 Road and East 2300 Road (799 East 2300 Road).

Peter Westerhouse's Obituary  
Republican Journal (Lawrence, Kansas) 
29 October 1875, Page 3

Peter Westerhouse's Orginal Headstone  
Located at the Eudora Area Historical Society

Peter Westerhouse's Current Headstone  

At the time of Peter's death, he was survived by Anna and their children:

          Henry - age 21     
          Mary - age 19 (married)     
          Emma - age 14     
          Edward - age 13     
          William - age 9     
          Amos - age 5  

Soon after Peter's death, Anna married Henry Eggers, the farmer living to the south of the Peter Westerhouse farm.

Henry Eggers' and Anna Westerhouse's Marriage License

Anna moved with her five children to live with her new husband, Henry Eggers.  Henry and Anna raised the minor children into adulthood.  All of the children, except for William, married and left home to start their own lives.  William never married and continued to live with Anna and Henry.  This was documented in the 1880 Federal census.

1880 Federal Census, Recorded 15 June 1880 in Eudora, Kansas

Entering the 20th century, Anna and Henry would only have William (Willie) living at home.  The 1900 Federal Census shown below, indicated Henry was 67 years old, born October 1832 and had been married for 20 years.   Anna was listed as 67 years old, born September 1832, had been married for 20 years and had eight children of which six were living.  Peter's and Anna's son, Amos, and his wife, Sophia, rented the farm from Anna and Henry Eggers.  In 1900 they had three living children:      

         Amos Jr, age 8, born May 1892     
         Ethel, age 4, born September 1895      
         Oscar, age 1, born August 1898 

The 1900 Federal Census revealed that Sophia was born April 1868 and had been married for nine years.  The same census showed that Amos Sr. was born June 1871 and he had been married for nine years.

1900 Federal Census, Recorded 6 June 1900 in Eudora, Kansas

The 1905 Kansas Census showed Henry, Anna and their son William living in a house on their farm.  The Amos Westerhouse Sr. family rented next door.

1905 Kansas Census, Recorded in Eudora, Kansas

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Peter Westerhouse - Post Civil War Years #1

Following the end of the Civil War, the Peter Westerhouse family continued to live on the farm which Anna had purchased in the Captain Creek area of Eudora, Kansas.  Peter was able to return to full-time farming in order to  provide for his growing family.  He soon realized he needed more land, so he and Anna decided to sell the farm and purchase a larger one.  The Peter Westerhouse family planned to purchase the 160 acre plot of land which they had originally homesteaded (unsuccessfully) in Kansas.  They first sold their current farm, 8 September 1865, for $1500, according to the property deed found at the Douglas County Courthouse. This represented a $1,100 profit from the $400 price Anna had paid a few years earlier.

According to the property deed found at the Douglas County Courthouse, Peter purchased a 160 acre farm 16 October 1865 for $1000.  The property was located at the Northeast Quarter (2375 North 800th Road) of Section 10 in the Captain Creek area of Eudora.  Currently the southwest corner of North 800 Road and County Line Road.  This property was less than a mile south of the farm they had just sold.  Peter and Anna must have been excited to return to the place where they had originally chosen to live in Kansas.  Based upon family stories, they built a home between two willow trees, near Captain Creek on the southern part of their property.  Peter was looking forward to planting more crops and adding more livestock.  During January 1865, Henry Eggers, a local farmer, had bought an 80 acre farm south of the Westerhouse farm.  Henry would help Peter and Anna from time to time.  He had recently been divorced was living alone on his farm.  Peter and Anna must have been happy to have him as a neighbor.

Peter and Anna had three more children during the next four years:  
       William Westerhouse, 14 September 1866 verified by his Kansas Death Certificate.
       Aurelia Westerhouse, about 1869 based upon the calculated date from the 1870 Federal Census. 
       Amos Westerhouse, 6 June 1870, verified by his Kansas Death Certificate.

According to the September 1870 Federal Non-Population Census, Peter's farming business was successful.  It indicated that he owned 160 acres of improved land and 5 acres of wooded land.  His farm property was valued at $4,400 and the farm equipment was valued at $700. The census also listed that Peter owned 9 horses, 5 mules, 7 milch (milk) cows, 2 cattle and 30 swine with the livestock value of $1,400.  In addition, the census showed 300 bushels of spring wheat, 2,000 bushels of Indian corn and 500 bushels of oats on hand. 

The 7 July 1870 Federal Census indicated Peter was a farmer who was born in Prussia.  His real estate was valued at $4,475 and the value of his personal estate was recorded as $2,700.  His parents were listed as being foreign born and Peter as being a United States Citizen. The census shows that Anna was keeping house, Henry attending school and does not show Amos.

Peter and Anna decided to sell the farm because it was becoming more difficult for Peter to farm the land due to poor health.  The farm sold 7 October 1872, for $3,700 at a profit of $2,700.  The property deed found at the Douglas County Courthouse verifies this. It is not known where the family lived after selling the farm.  

The 1 March 1875 Kansas Census reported Peter's occupation as farmer, his place of birth as Germany, the value of his real estate as $1,600 and the value of his personal estate as $600. It shows that Anna was keeping house and their son Henry was farming.  The census shows Henry Eggers farming the adjoining property with value of his real estate as $800, the value of his personal estate as $200 and his place of birth as Germany.