Saturday, April 9, 2016

Peter Westerhouse - Early Years #1

Peter Westehouse's grandparents were from the Spenge and Wallenbrück area of Prussia. Spenge and Wallenbrück were small villages in the district of Herford, located in the northeastern part of the Westphalia Providence.  This province was located in the Kingdom of Prussia in the northwestern part of modern day Germany. 

Map of Modern Day Europe

Peter's father's family came from Lenzinghausen, a small grouping of farms just south of Spenge.  Peter's mother's family came from Diemke and Mantershagen, both small groupings of farms between Spenge and Wallenbrück, west of Spenge and north of Lenzinghausen.

The Spenge-Wallenbrück area looked very much like the American Midwest, with its rolling hills and green pastures.  The farms were small, with acreages being between 5 and 50 acres. The farm number, which was assigned by the community, indicated the size of the farm. Peter's father's farm, having been given number 18, was not very large.

Map of Modern Day Spenge Area

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