Thursday, April 21, 2016

Peter Westerhouse - Early Years #4

Peter Heinrich Korfhage (Westerhouse), was born 17 March 1828, on farm #18 in Lenzinghausen, Herford, Westphalia, Prussia.  

Records at St. Martin Lutheran Church in Spenge, Herford, Westphalia, Prussia, showed in Column one that Peter's was the 54th birth registered at the church. 

Column two listed his given name as Peter Heinrich. 
Column three listed his birthdate as 17 March. 
Column four listed his time of birth as 7 PM. 
Column five listed him as born in wedlock. 
Column six listed his father as Johann Heinrich Korfhage, owner of farm #18.  
Column seven listed his mother as Anna Maria Ilsabein Brandt.  

The second page of the church record showed in Column one that Peter was born in Lenzinghausen on farm #18. 

Column two listed Peter's christening as 23 March.  
Column three listed the priest as Seippel.  
Column four listed notes about the family.


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