Monday, May 2, 2016

Peter Westerhouse - Immigration Years #1

Peter's older brother, Caspar Heinrich, left for America during 1844, without the approval of the Prussian government.  This was documented in the 'Herford District Departure Records', translated below.  Caspar would have been of draft age, and was leaving to escape serving in the Prussian army.  This was a very common problem for the Prussian government and, if caught, Caspar's family could have been fined.  It is not known, however, if a fine was levied and collected.

Caspar Heinrich Korfhage's Herford District Departure Record
Line 1: Name 
Line 2: Town
Line 3: Birthdate
Line 4: Emigrated in 1844 and died in the USA
Line 5: Son of Johann Heinrich Korfhage and Anna Marie Ilsabein Brandt.  Without consent of parents and no money

Anna Maria Brandt Korfhage departed for America with her four children, Catharine Ilsabein, Anna Catherina, Peter Heinrich and Anna Ilsabein, in 1847.  This was documented in the 'Herford District Departure Records' translated below.  Both the names, Westerhaus and Korfhage, were referenced in these records.

Anna Maria Korfhage's and Children's Herford District Departure Record
Line 1: Name 
Line 2: Address
Line 3: Age
Line 4: Emigrated in 1847 and died in the USA
Line 5: Children Catharine Ilsabein aged 21
Line 6: Anne Ilsabein aged 18
Line 7: Peter Heinrich aged 16
Line 8: Anne Marie aged 14
Line 9: Massenauswanderung (mass migration)

Anna and her family most likely would have traveled with a group of families from the Spenge area.  They were part of a mass migration from Prussia to America, as noted in the 'Departure Records'.

The family may have traveled over land, to Herford, 10 miles east of Lenzinghausen.  In Herford, Anna and her children would have boarded a small barge, holding 20 to 30 people and traveled 15 miles up the Werre River to Bad Oeynhausen.  In Bad Oeynhausen, they would have boarded a barge of the same size on the larger Weser River and traveled north for 155 miles, arriving in Bremerhaven.

Weser River Near Lenzinghausen


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