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Peter Westerhouse - Pre-Civil War Years #1

In Lexington, Peter gradually changed the spelling of his last name from Westerhaus to Westerhouse, and dropped his middle name, Heinrich.  Caspar, his brother, gradually changed his name from Caspar Heinrich Westerhaus to Henry Westerhaus.  Anna Catherina Ilsabein Westerhaus Uphaus, his sister, changed her name to Catherine Westerhaus Uphaus.  Anna Ilsabein Westerhaus, another sister, changed her name to Mary Westerhaus. His mother changed her name from Anna Maria Westerhaus to Mary Westerhaus, the same name as her younger daughter.

Peter purchased property 16 January 1852, located at 317 3rd Street (824 Highland Avenue) in the First Addition section of Lexington, for $250  The property was located across from a lumber yard. The lumber yard would have supplied Peter with material for building wooden barrels as a cooper.  Peter's home was a two story log building, based upon information from an 1885 Sanborn Fire Insurance map.  The first floor was used for his cooperage business and he lived on the second floor.  The property was on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River.  This was a busy area of the Lexington business district. Along one side was Commerce Street, which declines sharply to the Missouri River.  Wagons of goods traveled up and down to be loaded/unloaded onto steam ships. Along 3rd Street was Pro-Confederate Antebellum homes overlooking the bluff.  3rd Street also served as the route for the Santa Fe Trail through Lexington, where many wagons of goods and settlers were traveling west.

1885 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

Mary Westerhaus, Peter's younger sister, married Lawrence Grubart 18 April 1852, according to the marriage licence found at the  County Courthouse.  This marriage did not last long, as records indicated she married William Ferdinand Huscher 15 May 1853.  
Lawrence Grubart's and Mary Westerhaus' Marriage License
William Huscher's and Mary Westerhaus' Marriage License

Peter married Anna Maria Holtcamp 19 April 1853, in Lexington, Missouri, according to the marriage licence found at the Layfette County Courthouse.
Peter Westerhouse's and Anna Holtcamp's Marriage License

Peter and Anna purchased property 19 June 1854, located at 318 3rd Street (820 Highland Avenue) in the First Addition section of Lexington for $300.  This property was adjoining Peter's first property to the east on 3rd Street.

Soon after this property purchase, 21 August 1854, Peter's and Anna's first child, Henry Westerhouse, was born.

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