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Peter Westerhouse - Post Civil War Years #2

Peter died 23 October 1875.  His original headstone has a death date of 9 October 1876 and his current headstone has a death year of 1876.  It is unclear why his two headstones have a different death year from the obituary.  He was buried at the Deay Cemetery, which was located near his 160 acre farm, at the south west corner of North 800 Road and East 2300 Road (799 East 2300 Road).

Peter Westerhouse's Obituary  
Republican Journal (Lawrence, Kansas) 
29 October 1875, Page 3

Peter Westerhouse's Orginal Headstone  
Located at the Eudora Area Historical Society

Peter Westerhouse's Current Headstone  

At the time of Peter's death, he was survived by Anna and their children:

          Henry - age 21     
          Mary - age 19 (married)     
          Emma - age 14     
          Edward - age 13     
          William - age 9     
          Amos - age 5  

Soon after Peter's death, Anna married Henry Eggers, the farmer living to the south of the Peter Westerhouse farm.

Henry Eggers' and Anna Westerhouse's Marriage License

Anna moved with her five children to live with her new husband, Henry Eggers.  Henry and Anna raised the minor children into adulthood.  All of the children, except for William, married and left home to start their own lives.  William never married and continued to live with Anna and Henry.  This was documented in the 1880 Federal census.

1880 Federal Census, Recorded 15 June 1880 in Eudora, Kansas

Entering the 20th century, Anna and Henry would only have William (Willie) living at home.  The 1900 Federal Census shown below, indicated Henry was 67 years old, born October 1832 and had been married for 20 years.   Anna was listed as 67 years old, born September 1832, had been married for 20 years and had eight children of which six were living.  Peter's and Anna's son, Amos, and his wife, Sophia, rented the farm from Anna and Henry Eggers.  In 1900 they had three living children:      

         Amos Jr, age 8, born May 1892     
         Ethel, age 4, born September 1895      
         Oscar, age 1, born August 1898 

The 1900 Federal Census revealed that Sophia was born April 1868 and had been married for nine years.  The same census showed that Amos Sr. was born June 1871 and he had been married for nine years.

1900 Federal Census, Recorded 6 June 1900 in Eudora, Kansas

The 1905 Kansas Census showed Henry, Anna and their son William living in a house on their farm.  The Amos Westerhouse Sr. family rented next door.

1905 Kansas Census, Recorded in Eudora, Kansas

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