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Peter Westerhouse - Post Civil War Years #3

Henry Eggers died 5 March 1908, on his farm in Eudora, Kansas. He was buried at the Deay Cemetery near his farm.  Anna would continue to live on the farm with her son, William, until she was not able to maintain it.  The 1915 Kansas Census shows Anna and William living with the Amos Westerhouse, Sr. family.  She would later move to Eudora, to live with her oldest daughter, Mary Westerhouse Edler Clark.  Anna Westerhouse Eggers died of pneumonia in Mary Clark's home 29 November 1916. She was buried next to her 2nd husband, Henry Eggers, at the Deay Cemetery.

Henry Eggers' Headstone

Anna Eggers' Headstone

Ann Eggers' Obituary 
 Lawrence Journal World
 7 December 1916, Page 1

When Anna was buried, all of the Westerhouse and Eggers headstones were replaced with new ones. During May 1979, Peter's original headstone was dug up in Lawrence by a construction company.  They discovered it lying over a well cover.  At the time it was unearthed, it was not known where it had come from.   Amos Westerhouse Jr., Peter's grandson, saw an article and picture in the paper.  He wrote a letter to the Lawrence Journal World describing who Peter Westerhouse was, and where the headstone had come from.  Today, the original headstone of Peter Westerhouse is being preserved for future generations to view at the Eudora Area Historical Society in Eudora, Kansas.

Newspaper Picture and Article, Lawrence Journal World, 2 May 1979

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