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Peter Westerhouse - Peter's and Anna's Children #1

Henry Westerhouse, Sr.

Henry Westerhouse, Sr. married Katherine (Katie) Edler.  Katie, a younger sister of Henry Edler (Mary Westerhouse's first husband), was from Township 48 (Danville area), Montgomery County, Missouri.  Soon after Henry and Katie were married, they changed the spelling of their last name from Westerhouse to Westerhaus.  Initially they settled on a farm east of Weaver, Kansas. During 1904, Henry and Katie bought a farm at Weaver Bottom and developed a large farming business.  Later, they bought a nearby farm and built a more elaborate home.  Henry and Katie had three children:    

         Charles Westerhaus (1880-1914)
         Henry Edward Westerhaus, Jr. (1883-1971)
         Minnie Westerhaus (1889-1944)

Henry Westerhaus' and Katie Edler's Marriage License 

Katie died 28 January 1912, and was buried in the Eudora City Cemetery in Eudora, Kansas. During 1919, Henry retired from farming, bought a home at 720 Rhode Island Street in Lawrence, Kansas, and lived there for the next twenty years.  He moved in with his daughter, Minnie Westerhaus Dickens, for the last two years of his life.  Henry Westerhouse, Sr. died 1 March 1942, and was buried next to his wife in the Eudora City Cemetery.

Mary Westerhouse

Mary Westerhouse married Henry Edler 6 February 1874 at the age of 17.  Henry was from Big Spring, Missouri, a farming community in central Missouri, 300 miles east of Eudora, Kansas.  They moved to Big Spring soon after their marriage.  Henry and Mary had two children:

     Addie Charlotte Edler (1874-1952)
     Henry Albert Edler (1878-1959)

Henry Edler died 31 March 1879 in Big Spring, Missouri and was buried at the Edler Cemetery nearby. Based on family stories, during 1879, Mary's daughter, Addie, went to live with Aunt Katherine Westerhaus Uphaus and her husband Peter Uphaus near Concordia, Missouri.  The Uphaus' had no children of their own, but raised many children whose parent had died early.  Mary moved with her son, Henry to live with Eggers's in Captain Creek.  Mary supported herself as housekeeper in Lawrence, Kansas, while her son lived with Henry and Anna Eggers. During 1884, Addie would be re united with Mary and her brother.  For the next two year they would live with Edward Westerhouse family in Hesper Kansas.  During this time, she would meet and marry David Samuel Clark.

David Samuel Clark and Mary Westerhouse Edler Marriage License

1880 Federal census from Lexington, Johnson, Kansas show Mary living with her children in the household of Henry Meinke.  The census indicates Henry is her uncle and Emma Hurscher living in the household.  Emma was Peter Westerhouse younger sister (Mary Westerhouse Grubart Husher), daughter. Additionally, the 1880 Federal census from Eudora, Doglas, Kansas lists Addie and Henry Edler living with their grandparents, Henry and Anna Edler.  Mary Westerhouse Edler is not listed in this census.  More research needs to be done on Mary's family after Henry Edler died.

Mary Westerhouse Edler married David Samuel Clark 14 February 1885 in Eudora.  David was a Civil War veteran from Indiana who was living in Eudora when they met.  David and Mary had five children, the first three died early from diphtheria:

     Mary Elizabeth Clark (1887-1895),
     David Winfred Clark (1890-1895)
     Howell Clark (1897-1897)
     Oscar Edward Clark (1899-1973)
     Homer Elvin Clark (1899-1977)

David Clark died 22 February 1904 and was buried at the Deay Cemetery in Eudora, Kansas.  Mary died 26 August 1930 and was buried next to her husband.

Photo By Bill Musick
Henry Westerhaus' and Katie Edler's Headstone

Mary Westerhouse Edler Clark's Obituary
The Eudora Weekly, 28 August 1930, Page 1

Amelia Westerhouse

The 1860 Federal Census, Lexington, Missouri, was the only record ever found about Amelia Westerhouse.  It has been assumed by researchers that she died during the Civil War in Lexington, Missouri, as she is not listed with the family in the 1865 Kansas Census.  It is interesting to note, the ship on which the Johann Heinrich Uphaus family immigrated from Bremerhaven to New Orleans was named Amelia.

Emma Westerhouse

Emma Westerhouse married Benjamin (Ben) Foust 16 October 1879.  Emma and Ben initially settled at the home of Henry and Anna Eggers' farm.  
 Ben and Emma had two children:

     Allen Foust (1880-1942)
     Irena Foust (1882-1954)

Benjamin (left), Allen (standing), Irene (center), Emma (right)

Soon after marriage, Emma and Ben would move from the Eggers' farm, onto a farm of their own, in Hesper, Kansas.  Emma was a homemaker and Ben a farmer at the turn of the century, shown in the 1900 Federal Census from Eudora, Kansas. During 1906 their children married and moved out on their own.  Soon after, Emma and Ben moved into town, bought a home in Eudora. Emma continued to be a homemaker and Ben started to work as a carpenter, based on the 1910 Federal Census.  By 1920, Emma was working as a dressmaker, Ben working as a carpenter, living on B Street, indicated in the 1920 Federal Census.  Emma and Ben were retired by 1930, based on the 1930 Federal Census.  Ben died 7 January 1933 and was buried at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Lawrence, Kansas.  Emma died 15 September 1938, and was buried next to her husband.

Benjamin Foust's Headstone

Emma Westerhouse Foust's Headstone

Emma Westerhouse Foust's ObituaryLawrence Daily Journal World16 September 1938, Page 2

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