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Peter Westerhouse - Peter's Mother and His Siblings

Mary Westerhouse (Peter's Mother)

Mary Westerhouse lived with Mary Westerhaus Huscher's (her youngest daughter) family until her last years.  This has been verified by the 1860 Federal Census for the Freedom Township and 1870 Federal Census for the Davis Township.  The last record ever found about her was the 1880 Federal Census for Freedom Township 12 June 1880 where she was listed as living with Catherine Westerhaus Uphaus' (her oldest daughter) family. 

Mary Westerhaus died soon after this based upon her headstone death year 1880.  She was buried at Evangelical (Methodist) Cemetery in Concordia, Lafayette, Missouri, and shares the same lot and headstone with her daughter, Catherine Westerhaus Uphaus.  Currently the cemetery is named Bethel United Church of Christ Cemetery and is located at 4572 Saint Louis Street, Concordia, Lafayette, Missouri.  Two churches had purchased land to develop their respective cemeteries. The “Bethel United Church of Christ Cemetery” occupied the northern half and the “Concordia Baptist Cemetery” occupied the southern half. 

Headstone of Anna Maria Brandt Westerhouse 

Catherine Westerhaus (Peter's Sister)

Catherine and Peter Uphaus settled on a 120 acre farm in Freedom, Lafayette, Missouri, near Catherine's siblings, Henry Westerhaus and Mary Westerhaus Huscher.  Catherine was not able to have children, so they took in many children in over the years.  Most of the children were boys between the ages of 10 and 15.  According to the Federal Census from 1860 to 1880 the boys helped with the farming.  It is not known if the children were part of the Orphan Train Children or where they had come from.  Peter retired from farming in 1881.  He and his wife moved into town (Concordia) where she died 26 August 1882.

Catherine was buried at the Evangelical (Methodist) Cemetery in Concordia, Missouri and shares the same plot and headstone with her mother, Mary Westerhouse.  After Catherine's death, Peter married Sophie Schramm 5 May 1889.  Peter Uphaus died 31 July 1899 and was buried next to his first wife, Catherine Westerhaus Uphaus.

Headstone of Catherine Westerhaus Uphaus

Headstone of Peter Uphaus

Henry Westerhaus (Peter's Brother)

Henry and Anna Westerhaus settled on a farm in Freedom, Lafayette, Missouri.

Henry and Anna had nine children:
     Henry John Westerhaus (1849-1932)
     John Westerhaus (1851-1874)
     Benjamin Westerhaus (1854-1873)
     Mary Westerhaus (1857-1930)
     Catherine Westerhaus (1860-1860)
     Anna Westerhaus (1862-1947)
     Daniel Westerhaus (1865-1923)
     Matilda Westerhaus (1868-1870)
     Ida Westerhaus (1872-1900)

Henry registered with the Union Army 9 August 1862.  He became a member of Company C and Regiment 71 as a Private.  His unit was made up of Enrolled Missouri Militia (EMM) Volunteers.  Regiment 71 was established to protect Freedom, Lafayette, Missouri, while other Union Army units were at battles away from the Freedom area.  
His pension request #1019515 dated 9 April 1891 indicates he had been disabled by gunshot wounds in the left arm and left side.

He served from 9 August 1862 until 4 October 1862 and was honorably discharged 12 December 1862 at Lexington, Lafayette, Missouri due to disabilities.

Note: These injuries may have occurred at the Concordia Massacre 5 October 1862, where sixty Bushwhackers attacked Germans in the community. Henry was described in this attack as being taken prisoner with eleven others.  They took the prisoners out of town by horseback, three of whom were killed, four of whom were shot but lived and four were released. Henry was one of the four who had been shot, but survived.  This information was found in the book, Independent Immigrants, A Settlement of Hanoverian Germans in Western Missouri by Robert W. Frizzell. Henry's pension request was rejected because his injuries did not occur during a Civil War battle.

Muster Card of Henry Westerhaus

During 1868, Henry was one of six investors to survey and lay out the town of Concordia, Lafayette, Missouri. In addition to farming, he was an investor in a creamery business as well as a canning business in Concordia. 

Henry died 4 September 1896 and was buried in the Original Concordia Baptist Cemetery on State Road PP, south of Concordia.  Anna died 7 February 1902 and was buried next to her husband.  This cemetery was located next to the German Baptist Church they helped to start during 1851, but the church building no longer exists.

Headstone of Henry Westerhaus

Headstone of Henry Westerhaus (Close-Up) 

Headstone of Anna Uphaus Westerhaus

Headstone of Anna Uphaus Westerhaus (Close-Up)

Obituary of Henry Westerhaus, Weekly Intelligencer  (Lexington, Missouri), 12 September 1896, Page 3

Mary Westerhaus (Peter's Sister)

William and Mary Huscher settled on a farm in Freedom, Lafayette, Missouri. 

William and Mary had four children:      
     Emma Huscher (1858-?)      
     Edward Huscher (1858-1919)      
     Mary Huscher (1862-1933)       
     Minna Huscher (1864-1885)  

William died 11 September 1895 and was buried at the Salem United Cemetery in Higginsville, Lafayette, Missouri.  Mary died 20 November 1905.  She was buried next to her husband at the Salem Cemetery.

Shared Headstone of William and Mary

Headstone of William Huscher (close-up)

Headstone of Mary Westerhaus Huscher (close-up)

This completes my blog series on Peter Westerhouse Family History.  I have enjoyed sharing Peter's history on the Cress and Westerhouse History blog.  I am in the final stages of publishing a book, Peter Westerhouse Family History.  The book will be 140 pages of information shared on this blog, along with additional interesting information.   Please contact me about receiving a copy of the book.

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